Dale Krueger Scholarship Application Form

2024 Applications are accepted between January 1 and April 1.

Before completing the following Application Form, please visit the Scholarship page to review scholarship rules and to verify that you are eligible to apply.

You must fill out the following application completely and submit at one time. Your information will not be saved if you leave the site before submiting your application.

Personal Information
Contact Information
School Information
Financial Information
PDF Documents

Only PDF files will be accepted. Each PDF file must be less than 2MB.

Attach a current high school transcript. If you are currently attending a post-secondary program, attach your most recent official transcript and proof of high school graduation.

Submit a statement of your goals summarizing your reasons for your desire to continue your education, your tentative career goals and how this scholarship will assist with your financial obligations (Please limit this statement to one page).

Submit a resume or summary of who you are, including school and community activities, sports, recognitions and accomplishments. Include approximate dates and number of hours when listing community service or employment items on a resume or activities chart. Please also include any unusual circumstances.

If you are currently a senior in high school and you wish to include a transcript showing additional college credit you have earned through a local community college, please upload here. If you are currently a college student, please attach an official college transcript here. You will need to submit a college transcript in addition to your high school transcript.

Additional Material

You may submit photos, awards and/or samples of work which demonstrate your high school achievements or future goals to your designated high school counselor. Limit additional material to 10 single-sided pages or 5 double-sided pages. Please check with your school to find out if this is required or not.


I certify that the information contained on this form is accurate and complete, to the best of my knowledge.