About Dale Krueger

Dale Krueger was raised in the rural community of Scappose, Oregon. He graduated from Scappose High School and attended Oregon State University.

Krueger was a man of many talents. In addition to his outgoing personality and his sense of humor, he was a risk taker, a hard worker, and he possessed incredible energy. Dale believed in working at his job for eight hours a day and then working the next eight hours on projects of personal interest. He was an inventor and a builder. During his lifetime, he physically constructed the famed Krueger Truck Stop and he built an airplane, which became his pride and joy.


One of Dale's early occupations was truck driving and delivering fuel. While working for an oil distribution company, he purchased the business and incorporated it as Oilco Eastern, Inc. in Gresham, Oregon. He believed in doing things himself rather than hiring a job done, as evidenced by the fact that he personally repaired his trucks and serviced his equipment. In the early 1970s, Dale began to build Krueger Truck Stop for east west truckers on Highway 84. Along with his wife, Donna, Krueger created a highly successful operation offering repair and fuel facilities as well as a restaurant serving truckers. The restaurant soon became a popular eating place for community residents and visitors.

Education and Community

Dale Krueger believed in the importance of education. He hired many young workers and offered them opportunities and support. Because of his own work ethic, Dale was a tough taskmaster who rewarded his employees for good performance. He was an avid hunter, and contributed generously to many Wildlife Associations. In addition to Krueger's support for the Mount Hood Medical Center, he consistently contributed to fundraisers and sponsored league teams in the Gresham community.

Krueger Estate

Two months prior to his 57th birthday, Dale Krueger was killed in a traffic accident. The majority of his estate created the Dale Krueger Scholarship to assist graduates of high schools supported by the Gresham school district in their pursuit of higher education. Dale's belief in the value of education and his legacy in support of young students in need of financial assistance for post high school education will benefit the Gresham community in perpetuity.

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